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Almeria Airport


Welcome to Almería Airport at Lying just 8kms east of Almería on Spain's Mediterranean coast. Almería's small and modern airport handles around 800,000 passengers a year.

Many visitors heading to Almería will be seeking out the lovely beaches around Levante, Cabo de Gata and Poniente. It's also a great starting point for exploring more of Andalucia.

With our easy-to-use website, you can find the latest flight arrivals and departures, information about routes, airlines operating here as well as car hire suppliers located at Almería Airport.


Schedule Origin Flight Status
08:05 Amsterdam HV 5543 Landed 08:32
08:30 Barcelona VY 1251 Landed 08:31
08:40 Luxembourg LG 693 Landed 08:40
08:55 Oostend JAF 6815 Landed 08:56
09:55 Bristol TCX 1048 Landed 09:33
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
07:15 Madrid IB 8603 Departed 07:21
08:45 Amsterdam HV 5544 Departed 09:22
09:05 Barcelona VY 1252 Departed 09:09
09:25 Luxembourg LG 694 Departed 09:39
09:50 Oostend JAF 6816 Departed 09:51
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