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Barcelona Airport


Welcome to Barcelona Airport. After Madrid, Barcelona's is the biggest airport in Spain and is located around 10kms southwest of Barcelona. As the main airport for Catalonia, Barcelona Airport handles an impressive 40 million passengers a year.

Most visitors to the region will be starting in Barcelona - for culture, nightlife, dining and fantastic sites, it's pretty hard to beat. It even has a beach! Beyond Barcelona, there's much to explore from the wilder shores of the Costa Brava, the heady heights of the Pyrenees and the fantastical creations of Gaudi and Dalí to enjoy too.

Before you fly, you'll find lots of useful information on Barcelona Airport at Here you'll find the latest flight arrivals and departures, airline and route maps as well as car hire suppliers available.


Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:00 Bergamo FR 6366 Expected 00:01
00:00 Rome Fuimicino FR 6986 Landed 00:39
00:00 Turin VY 6515 Expected 00:07
00:05 Porto FR 4546 Expected 00:14
00:10 Amsterdam VY 8305 Landed 00:12
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
00:05 Moscow Sheremetyevo AFL 2513 Departed 00:23
01:00 Chisinau MLD 898 Departed 01:39
01:15 Chisinau WZZ 6902 Departed 01:56
02:10 Mykonos VY 2570 Departed 02:16
05:45 Dusseldorf AB 8941 Departed 05:56
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