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Bilbao Airport


Welcome to Bilbao Airport at Lying 12kms north of Bilbao's city centre, the airport handles around 4 million passengers a year and is the biggest airport of the Basque Country.

Bilbao's star attraction is undoubtably the Guggenheim Museum but its pintxo bars have got to be a close second. San Sebastian and the Basque coast are also just an easy drive away.

At, you can find information on flight arrivals and departures, airline routes to the airport and even the weather!


Schedule Origin Flight Status
07:30 Madrid IB 0432 Landed 07:39
08:00 Madrid UX 7161 Landed 08:31
08:10 Valencia IB 8948 Landed 08:03
08:15 Malaga VY 2608 Landed 08:44
08:25 Barcelona VY 1420 Landed 08:39
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
06:45 Brussels SN 3716 Departed 06:53
06:45 Frankfurt LH 1147 Departed 06:48
06:45 Madrid IB 0443 Departed 06:50
06:50 Amsterdam KL 1684 Departed 07:18
06:50 Barcelona VY 1431 Departed 06:54
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