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El Hierro Airport


Welcome to El Hierro Airport at The airport is the primary gateway to El Hierro, the smallest of the Canary Islands. It's located 9kms of Valverde, the island's capital.

The island, although small, is jam-packed full of dramatic landscapes from craggy sea cliffs, lush meadows and volcanic terrain. It's also the first island in the world to become completely self-sufficient!

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Schedule Origin Flight Status
08:30 Tenerife North NT 655 Landed 08:44
10:50 Tenerife North NT 659 Landed 11:11
14:40 Tenerife North NT 663 Expected 14:45
16:15 Gran Canaria NT 365 Expected 16:19
16:50 Tenerife North CNF 247 Expected 16:53
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
08:55 Tenerife North NT 656 Departed 09:07
11:20 Tenerife North NT 660 Departed 11:33
15:20 Tenerife North NT 664 Expected 15:26
16:40 Gran Canaria NT 366 Expected 16:45
17:35 Tenerife North CNF 248 Expected 17:39
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