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Girona Airport


Welcome to Girona Airport at Located just 12kms from Girona and 30kms from the coast, the airport primarily serves Girona Province and the Costa Brava. It also has direct links to Barcelona so makes a good alternative to the much bigger Barcelona Airport. It sees close to 2 million passengers a year.

For an authentic taste of Catalonia, Girona is a fantastic place to start. From Costa Brava's beaches to the Pyrenees, its cuisine (it's home to one of the best restaurants in the world!) and the art of Dali, there's a lot to love and discover.

Here you'll find all the latest information on Girona Airport such as flight arrivals and departures as well as what airlines fly here and the car hire companies based on-site.


Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:15 Tallinn FR 9376 Landed 01:10
06:20 Katowice LLP 8383 Landed 06:13
07:35 Amsterdam HV 5763 Landed 07:45
07:45 Brussels HQ 1456 Landed 07:47
08:00 Amsterdam HV 1237 Landed 08:11
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
06:35 Eindhoven FR 9123 Departed 06:37
06:40 Manchester FR 3213 Departed 06:46
07:05 London Stansted FR 9803 Departed 07:08
07:10 Katowice LLP 8384 Departed 07:15
07:10 Newcastle FR 2344 Departed 07:08
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