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Gran Canaria Airport


Welcome to Gran Canaria Airport at It's located on the east side of the island, about 20 minutes drive from Las Palmas in the north and 20 minutes drive from popular beach resorts in the south. As the main gateway to Gran Canaria, the airport handles 10 million passengers a year.

Gran Canaria's incredible and dramatic landscapes include lush mountain ranges at its heart and rolling sand dunes at Maspalomas in the south. With great opportunities for hiking, water sports or just chilling in the sun, the Canary Islands' third largest island is as popular as ever.

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Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:10 Barcelona VY 3000 Expected 00:13
00:35 Barcelona FR 6370 Expected 00:41
01:45 Madrid I2 3836 Landed 02:02
08:15 Paris Charles de Gaulle ENT 921 Expected 08:24
08:20 Cologne HG2 164 Expected 08:29
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
02:30 Madrid I2 3839 Departed 02:34
06:00 Amsterdam TFL 640 Departed 06:45
06:15 Nantes VY 3186 Departed 06:15
06:20 Vigo IB 8407 Departed 06:35
06:40 Krakow FR 4504 Departed 06:34
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