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Ibiza Airport


Welcome to Ibiza Airport at Serving both Ibiza and Formentera islands, it's located just 7kms from Ibiza Town and sees over 6 million passengers a year.

Ibiza is as equally famous for its beaches as it is for its parties. But what regular visitors will now (particularly off-peak ones) is that it can be a remarkably peaceful escape too.

Before you fly, you'll find lots of useful information on Ibiza Airport right here. As well as the latest flight arrivals and departures, we've got airline and route maps as well as car hire suppliers available.


Schedule Origin Flight Status
07:40 Valencia IB 8432 Landed 07:50
07:45 Barcelona FR 8136 Landed 07:53
08:00 Barcelona VY 3540 Landed 07:52
08:20 Madrid FR 5354 Landed 08:40
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
07:30 Palma de Mallorca IB 8101 Departed 07:30
07:35 Palma de Mallorca UX 1701 Departed 07:45
08:15 Palma de Mallorca IB 8119 Departed 08:25
08:20 Barcelona FR 8137 Departed 08:37
08:35 Barcelona VY 3541 Departed 08:36
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