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La Gomera Airport


Welcome to La Gomera Airport at Located in the south of the island, the airport handles around 28,000 passengers a year via regular flights to/from Tenerife North Airport.

As with all the Canary Islands, La Gomera has been shaped by volcanic activity. Its terrain is mountainous and lush attracting hikers and nature lovers as well as those just looking to get off-the-beaten-track.

Before you fly, you can find all the latest information such as flight arrivals and departures as well as car hire suppliers based on-site with our easy-to-use website.


Schedule Origin Flight Status
10:00 Tenerife North NT 651 Expected 10:02
17:30 Tenerife North NT 653 Expected 17:34
All Arrivals


Schedule Destination Flight Status
10:30 Tenerife North NT 650 Expected 10:31
17:50 Tenerife North NT 652 Expected 17:53
All Departures

Nearby/alternative airports

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