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Madrid Airport


Welcome to Madrid Airport. An important hub airport for domestic and international flights, Madrid Airport is particularly key in connecting Europe to Central and South America. It handles around 47 million passengers a year and is located 15 kms northeast of Madrid.

As well as being a great hub airport, it is, of course, also a major gateway to Spain's capital where you can enjoy Madrid's world class museums like the Prado, amazing dining and legendary nightlife.

At, you'll find the latest flight arrivals and departures, information about routes as well as car hire suppliers available and even the latest weather!


Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:35 Lviv PS 943 Landed 00:35
04:35 Dakar IB 3329 Landed 04:43
05:00 Viru Viru UX 026 Landed 05:24
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
00:10 Moscow Sheremetyevo AFL 2605 Departed 00:21
00:35 Lima LPE 2485 Departed 00:36
01:30 Lviv PS 944 Departed 01:51
06:00 Amsterdam KL 1708 Departed 06:15
06:00 Frankfurt LH 1121 Departed 06:07
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