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Mahon Airport


Welcome to Mahon Airport at The main gateway to Menorca, Mahon Airport is located 4kms from Mahon in the south east of the island. It sees 2.5 million passengers a year.

The smallest of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is also the more chilled out of them. It helps that it's also more untouched by tourist development. The stunning white sandy bays are also pretty spectacular!

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Schedule Origin Flight Status
08:05 Barcelona VY 3712 Landed 08:11
09:20 Palma de Mallorca IB 8480 Landed 09:35
10:40 Barcelona VY 3714 Landed 10:37
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
07:05 Palma de Mallorca IB 8481 Departed 07:28
07:10 Madrid IB 8951 Departed 07:29
07:25 Madrid IB 8027 Departed 07:24
08:40 Barcelona VY 3713 Departed 08:50
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