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Malaga Airport


Welcome to Malaga Airport. One of Spain's biggest airports and the country's fourth busiest, Malaga Airport handles nearly 15 million passengers a year.

Located 8kms from Malaga, it's the main airport serving the Costa del Sol with easy access to popular beach resorts including Marbella, Torremolinos, Fuengirola and Benalmadena. Malaga, the city, also boasts a fab beach and has a growing reputation for arts and culture. Beyond the coast, there's much to explore and love about Andalucia - from the Alhambra in Granada to the picturesque pueblos blancos. And then there's the food and the flamenco!

At, you'll find all the latest on flight arrivals and departures at Malaga Airport, airlines with services there and information on which car hire suppliers are on-site.


Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:10 Rome Fuimicino D8 5151 Landed 00:24
00:15 Helsinki AY 735 Landed 00:05
00:20 Bilbao VY 2613 Landed 01:04
00:25 Amsterdam VY 8367 Landed 00:37
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
01:05 Helsinki AY 736 Departed 01:03
05:40 Paris Charles de Gaulle JAF 3413 Departed 05:43
06:15 Nantes VY 2985 Departed 06:36
06:25 Eindhoven FR 2575 Departed 06:35
06:30 Stockholm Arlanda D8 5050 Departed 06:28
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