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Melilla Airport


Welcome to Melilla Airport at The airport connects mainland Spain to one of Spain's two autonomous cities on the Moroccan coast. Melilla Airport is located close to the Moroccan border - just a few kms from the city centre.

A little bit of Spain in North Africa, Melilla's attractions include the old fortress and the modernist architecture in the newer parts of the city. Its beach and port-side views are pretty lovely too.

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Schedule Origin Flight Status
07:55 Malaga IB 8260 Landed 07:59
10:05 Malaga UX 5001 Expected 10:11
10:30 Malaga IB 8262 Expected 10:38
10:40 Palma de Mallorca IB 8206 Expected 10:46
11:50 Madrid IB 8792 Expected 11:56
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
08:25 Malaga IB 8261 Departed 08:28
10:35 Malaga UX 5002 Expected 10:42
11:05 Malaga IB 8273 Expected 11:15
11:10 Gran Canaria IB 8209 Expected 11:19
12:20 Barcelona IB 8251 Expected 12:26
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