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Seville Airport


Welcome to Seville Airport at Situated just outside the city, 8kms away from Seville's city centre, the airport sees close to 4 million passengers a year. Seville Airport is one of a number of airports in Andalucia and is the main airport for the region's west including the Costa de la Luz.

Seville is a city proud of its heritage and traditions. It's one of the best places in the country to experience flamenco and Seville's moorish and medieval past is still evident around the city. And in the summer heat, an escape to the coast is just an hour away.

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Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:05 Barcelona VY 2220 Expected 00:11
00:05 Tenerife North VY 3257 Landed 00:17
07:50 Palma de Mallorca VY 3942 Landed 07:48
08:05 Valencia IB 8840 Landed 08:05
08:10 Almeria IB 8930 Landed 08:09
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
06:50 Barcelona VY 2223 Departed 07:06
07:00 Memmingerberg FR 1188 Departed 07:09
07:00 Lisbon TP 1103 Departed 07:05
07:10 Santiago de Compostela FR 3041 Departed 07:21
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