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Valencia Airport


Welcome to Valencia Airport at Located 10kms north-west of the city of Valencia, the airport serves international and domestic routes. It handles around 5 million passengers a year.

Valencia on its own makes for a fantastic city break. Fantastical architecture, a beautiful old town and plenty of fab dining and cultural experiences to be had. It's even got a lovely beach too. And there are lots more beach options north and south of the city as well.

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Schedule Origin Flight Status
00:05 Madrid IB 8996 Expected 00:07
00:40 Tenerife North IB 8093 Landed 02:01
08:00 Madrid UX 4063 Landed 08:08
08:20 Palma de Mallorca UX 4005 Landed 08:24
08:30 Sofia WZZ 4409 Landed 08:42
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Schedule Destination Flight Status
06:05 Paris Charles de Gaulle UX 1005 Departed 06:16
06:20 Madrid IB 8999 Departed 06:21
06:35 Bergamo FR 4632 Departed 06:32
06:40 Palma de Mallorca IB 8634 Departed 07:08
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Nearby/alternative airports

Closest alternative airports (max. five) within a 250 kilometre radius of Valencia Airport.